A Guide To Keeping Cats Happy

Cats are some of the most popular pets found in households across the world. Many people choose cats as pets because they keep themselves relatively clean. Moreover, once trained, they keep the house clean as well. Many people from catsphd.com have gone on to say that cats are good listeners and they help to release tension when their owners are dealing with stressful situations.

It is important for cat owners to understand their pet's verbal and non-verbal cues. Cats usually say more with their actions than with their purrs. Unlike dogs, when cats show their belly, they are not always looking to play. It can be a sign of defensiveness. It communicates that the cat's limbs are in position to attack potential enemies. At other times, the cat may simply be stretching after a long nap.

When you own more than one cat, it is recommended that you provide a litter box for each cat. You must also clean out each litter box on a daily basis and wash occasionally with some soap and water. Do not swap litter brands suddenly. Instead, introduce the new brand gradually by mixing it with the old and increasing its proportion until you have fully transitioned. Since cats feel confined in enclosed litter boxes, it's always better to use open boxes.

Cats naturally like to scratch. They are drawn to upholstery and certain types of furniture. When cats scratch, they may be stretching out some muscles, showing that they are happy, marking their territory or grooming and trimming their nails. You may need to trim your cat's nails regularly to keep them from damaging furniture when they scratch. Another trick for keeping your furniture safe from your cat is to provide a scratching pole and training the cat to use it. Placing a little bit of catnip at the bottom of the pole will draw the cat towards it. Know more about cats in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/cat-facts/ .

When you notice certain unwanted behaviors in your pet, you need to deal with them immediately. You must teach the cat to stay away from your food. You also need to address inappropriate aggression especially when directed at people. You can create a reward system where the cat gets a treat for good behavior. These encourage the cat to follow the rules you have set.

The results of feeding a cat properly and responding to their other needs are amazing. A happy cat will hop onto your lap and take a long nap. When a cat gently purrs as it sleeps, then you know you have done a good job.